Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns in Hamilton, ON

Dental crowns are a common cosmetic procedure that can safeguard and improve the appearance of your teeth. They are placed on top of your teeth as a way of restoring their strength, functionality, shape, and appearance. They are much more than a simple vanity treatment, as they will improve your bite.

Porcelain crowns near you are especially amazing if you suffered damage to a tooth (or teeth) and are now afraid to eat on that side. By getting a porcelain tooth crown in Hamilton, ON, you can put these worries aside and eat your food as nature intended.

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In a way, these covers will become a new surface. They can be adjusted so that they follow the natural shape of your teeth, and there is no discrepancy between the crowns and the teeth. When you visit proficient dentists near you, such as Lily Dental, you can rest assured that the crowns are properly set.

A dentist in Hamilton, ON, can utilize various materials for these covers. You can get crowns from zirconia, various metals, porcelain, or composite materials.

When do you need crowns?

While this is regarded as a cosmetic procedure, not everyone should get them. Our dentists recommend these protective items to people who have:

  1. Weak teeth that are susceptible to damage
  2. Seriously damaged teeth
  3. Need to attack a bridge
  4. Want to restore the natural appearance of teeth
  5. Patients who wish to cover poor tooth shape, discoloration, implants, teeth that were treated with root canal

How is the treatment performed?

A patient will need anesthesia before getting crowns. Our dentists will then file down the problematic tooth and take an impression. That way, Lily Dental can create a crown that will perfectly cover the missing surface.

After finding the exact measurements, our dentists will put the crowns and cement them. These protective covers are made from strong, resilient materials, but they are not indestructible. Porcelain crowns for front teeth will get damaged over time and can even be affected by decay. This is why a patient needs to continue with healthy dental clinic even after getting them.

Lily Dental will create perfect porcelain caps for teeth that will serve both protective and esthetic functions.

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