Partial & Full Dentures

Partial and Full Dentures in Hamilton, ON

Whether we’re talking about partial or full dentures, they are a great solution for all the patients who need a dental replacement. A dentist will place these prosthetics very quickly, and without too much hassle. The whole procedure is painless, and the dentures feel very natural to most patients.

According to our dentists, this is the best, most convenient missing tooth replacement treatment we have today. Lily Dental will guide you through every step of the procedure so you never feel scared or anxious.

Partial & Full Dentures

What are full dentures?

Full mouth dentures are the most common type of prosthetics. They are suitable for patients who are missing all teeth in either the lower or upper jawbone. You can choose between immediate and conventional full dentures.

Conventional dentures are less invasive, and they allow your gums to heal properly. You will have to wear them for about 12 weeks after tooth removal. However, you will need to undertake additional procedures afterward.

Immediate dentures do not allow underlying tissue to heal. They can be used instantly, but they will need to be readjusted several times as the jaw is starting to heal and take shape. Immediate dentures are great for people who don’t want to lose their beautiful smiles.

What are partial dentures?

When visiting Lily Dental, you can also do a partial denture for one tooth.

Partial dentures near you are utilized by patients who haven’t lost all their teeth. They can be removed (depending on the type you used), but you will still need to wear them most of the time. Our dentists will fix these dentures by using crowns over them. These crowns are utilized as a type of anchor.

Which one is better?

The type of denture that you’re using depends on your specific situation. Generally speaking, getting fixed dentures near you is a much better alternative as they will protect the shape of your teeth and gums, and you can also get implant supported dentures. No matter which type you go with, it will take some time to get used to. These dentures might feel strange at first, but you will get accustomed to them, especially when we consider that they don’t cause extreme discomfort.

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