Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Hamilton, ON

Like with any other type of cancer, it is imperative that you detect this potential oral issue as soon as possible. That way, a patient can address the issue as soon as possible, thus increasing the odds of recovery.

There are lots of dentists who can perform oral cancer checkups. We suggest that you go with Lily Dental, a reputable dental clinic serving the wider area.

Oral cancer screening in Hamilton, ON, should be performed once every three years for people above 20. Those who are older than 40 should do it once a year. Certain things can increase the chance of cancer, such as cigarettes, alcohol, and HPV, as well as some hereditary traits.

dentist checking girl mouth with dental equipment

What happens when you go to an oral cancer screening near you?

During an oral screening for mouth cancer, Lily Dental will perform a complete checkup of your mouth and throat. This can be done both visually and by touching the problematic areas. Our dentists will use a light, mirror, and depressor to see if there is any discoloration, swellings, or bumps. Almost any change can indicate a start of oral cancer, so the dentists should be very careful not to overlook any signs.

Our dentists will check all the parts of your mouth and face, including tonsils, gums, tongue, the roof of the mouth, inner cheeks, throat, and so on. Our dentists in Hamilton, ON, will see if there is anything wrong with the neck, the jaw, and the area under the chin. Things such as nodules can be easy to spot, but the problem is not always that obvious, especially during the early stage of the disease.

If a specialist finds out a potential issue, they can mark it with a special dye. A health professional can do a series of oral cancer tests, including:

  1. Using a special light to see if the tissue is different from the normal one
  2. Giving the patient a mouth solution and then checking the area once again
  3. Spreading a dye over the area, which will change color in case of mouth cancer detection

Lily Dental pays close attention to the smallest of details, as early detection of oral cancer allows for prompt treatment. Even if there is some abnormality, our team will do its best to detect it.

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