Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Hamilton, ON

Lily Dental in Hamilton, ON, performs dental emergencies almost on a daily basis. A patient has to realize that emergencies are no joke. Sudden pain is a clear indication that something is wrong, and you cannot wait to finish your shift to address the issue.

Emergency dental services are done in several steps. You should start by scheduling an appointment as quickly as possible. Our dentists will then perform an emergency exam that involves X-ray scanning. Based on the results, Lily Dental will decide the next choice of action. A patient will get a suggested treatment allowing them to choose the next course of action.

Guy is suffering from toothache

When should you perform an emergency procedure?

There are several cases when you will have to contact emergency dentist near you and ask for immediate, emergency surgery. Sometimes, you might not even realize that you need one. However, after a quick exam, our dentists will be able to better assess your issues and whether you need to address them immediately.

Some of the main reasons people get emergency dental care are:

  1. Chipped or cracked tooth
  2. Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold
  3. Lost tooth, filling, or crown
  4. Loose tooth
  5. Various injuries to teeth, lips, gums, or tongue
  6. Broken dentistry
  7. Severe jaw pain or loss of flexibility
  8. Inability to remove something from between your teeth

How do you find the right dentists near you?

Dental emergencies are really tricky because they are time-sensitive procedures, and they also require a high degree of professionalism. Most of these issues are very severe, and if they’re not done right, they can have a major negative impact on your smile and dental health.

First off, you need to find an emergency dental clinic, that specializes in these processes. The main thing is availability. A dental professional needs to react as soon as something bad occurs. Waiting for way too long can only prolong the patient’s suffering.

It is very important that you find an emergency dentist near you before a disaster strikes. If you’re able to find a great professional, you can set up a few rules in advance. For example, you can create a payment plan before there is any indication of an emergency. These procedures tend to be expensive, so you want to know in advance how much you will have to pay when something like this occurs.

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