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Dental Sealants in Hamilton, ON

Proper dental hygiene is the best way to avoid potential cavities. Unfortunately, getting to every nook and cranny is almost impossible, especially when we’re talking about your back teeth. In fact, the molars are the most likely to be affected by this common dental issue.

To protect your mouth from these potential problems, you might consider getting dental sealants in Hamilton, ON. Almost any dentist near you can place these tooth protection coatings, ensuring that you’re less likely to be affected by nasty, cavity-inducing bacteria.

Children are especially affected by this problem. Since most of them don’t have proper brushing habits, and you can’t control them all the time, they are less likely to develop cavities. Luckily, Lily Dental knows about this problem and can install dental sealants for adults and children.

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How do sealants work?

Dental sealants are pretty simplistic. They are basically thin covers for your teeth that prevent bacteria from infesting the area. These microbes consume leftover food, and especially sugars, creating acids that cause cavities.

By having dental sealants on top of your teeth, you can prevent these small pieces of food from getting stuck between molars. As there will be nothing for bacteria to chew on, the chance of cavities will reduce significantly.

When can you get tooth sealants?

According to Lily Dental, everyone can get these protective coatings. In fact, the sooner you get them, the easier it will be to shield your teeth.

The first molars will start popping up at the age of six, while others will start appearing at twelve. If you manage to cover them quickly, you can rest assured that microbes will not destroy your child’s teeth during this sensitive period. In that sense, this can be viewed as both a cost-effective and healthy procedure.

Our dentists can apply fissure sealants quickly and painlessly. Before doing so, the professional cleans and dries the teeth. Then, a special gel is placed on the surface to bond the dental sealant to the teeth.

Our Hamilton dentists have lots of experience with this procedure and can provide a great service for your whole family.

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