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Dental Fillings in Hamilton, ON

When you eat food, bacteria will accumulate in your mouth. It feeds on the same sugars that you're eating, and depending on your diet and dental habits, these microbes can cause quite a stir. When they consume sugars, bacteria create acids that make dents in your teeth, known as cavities.

Lily Dental in Hamilton, ON, deals with cavities every day. These holes tend to be small at first, but if you don't treat them on time, they will grow in size. This is why you need to get proper fillings as soon as possible.

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Who needs fillings, and how do you detect them?

If you have any cavities, you need to plug them with fillings.

During the procedure, our dentists will use instruments to check discoloration on the surface of your teeth. Some of these black spots can be holes known as cavities. They are usually detected during routine dental checkups.

Cavities are not much of an issue when they’re small. Our dentists will first numb the area with an anesthetic, and then they will drill a hole where there is a cavity. The point of this is to remove all the decayed matter. Once the decay is removed, our dentists in Hamilton, ON, will place a liner inside of the hole. Commonly used liners are Gluma®, Dycal®, and Copalite®.

Once our dentists have placed the inside linger, it is time to fill the hole in the tooth.

What kind of fillings are there?

You can choose various types of fillings near you. Every dental office has several options for its patients. The optimal filling can vary based on your specific situation, so you might have to consider things such as the extent and location of decay, allergies to specific fillings, price, and durability.

The most common types are gold, silver, porcelain, and composite teeth filling. Gold fillings are the strongest, but they have fallen out of favor because they look bad. Silver tooth filling is a much better option in that regard, and they are also really strong. Modern versions are porcelain and tooth coloured composite resin or white tooth filling that we offer at Lily Dental.

Tooth Coloured Fillings in Hamilton, ON

Lily Dental Centre treats patients with tooth-coloured fillings. Modern dental technology has aided in the use of tooth-coloured restorations as an alternative solution that can improve teeth’s cosmetics. Contact Lily Dental today to get your new fillings!

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