Dental Exam & Cleaning

Dental Exam and Cleaning in Hamilton, ON

Dental exams and cleaning in Hamilton, ON, are the most common dental services. Although you can get them at any dental office, they can vary significantly in terms of quality. This is why you should always go with Lily Dental in Hamilton, ON.

Our reputable team of dentists has extensive experience detecting potential problems and removing mineral deposits from teeth. If we discover an issue, our dentists can address it immediately. Thus, you can solve all your dental problems in one place without having to worry if the job is done well.

dentist checking girl teeth with dental equipment

What does a dental exam look like?

Regardless of age, you must perform a few dental exams every year. The reason is that you want to address a potential problem as soon as possible. Cavities will worsen if you don’t treat them quickly, increasing the overall damage to the teeth and the size of fillings you’ll need to use.

During an extensive dental exam, you can perform the following procedures:

  1. An x-ray exam is a great way to see if there is any decay, cysts, bone loss, or tumors. By scanning your teeth, you can see if all teeth and roots are in their natural position.
  2. During oral cancer screening and tooth check up, our dentists will touch your face, tongue, throat, lips, and other parts of the face to see if there are any changes.
  3. Tooth decay is the most common issue, which can be checked in just a few minutes.
  4. Gum and surrounding bones should be checked every now and then for signs of periodontal diseases.
  5. Our dentists near you will also check the state of fillings, crowns, and implants.

What does a dental cleaning look like?

Cleaning is not only an aesthetic process but also a functional one. Dentists in Hamilton, ON, can remove all the risks endangering your teeth by removing mineral deposits and bacteria. The most common cleaning procedures are:

  1. Teeth polishing
  2. Heavy tartar removal
  3. Removal of plaque

Lily Dental puts special emphasis on walk-in dental cleaning, which is one of the more overlooked dental procedures. Most of these treatments can be done quickly, and teeth cleanings and exams can provide long-term benefits to your teeth and gums.

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